July 19, 2024
James Charles Palette


It has been centuries since men have utilized the same way to honor dignitaries. They associate the names of things with their names. James Charles Palette is just another one on the list. The only difference you will see here is that it is not a road, street, or school name in fact it is actually a makeup palette.

The Bloom Of The Makeup Industry

Although women have been using different ways to enhance their looks since the start of the world to make themselves look more attractive in different gatherings. But in the past couple of centuries, the use of makeup has multiplied several times. This is exactly why the cosmetic industry is making progress with leaps and bounds and now with a huge number of consumers especially the rich ones, you can also earn a huge sum.

The Hunt For The Details Of The Makeup Guru

James Charles happens to be one of the most admired makeup gurus in the world. Especially he has a huge fan following among women of all countries which is increasing with every passing day. This increased popularity calls for increased information regarding the person in question this is where we come in. Not much time ago we started gathering all the available information regarding James Charles and this article is the essence of it.

James Charles Palette 

Let’s start with the most famous thing first. James Charles pallet is one of the most important beauty products that you can equip your dressing table with. It is not just that he is good at making these products. Sometimes he also collaborates with other cosmetic designers too. In this way, we get to see some of the most extraordinary cosmetic products in history.

James Charles Palette 

The Collaboration With MORPHE

Recently we came across the news that James Charles partnered with the famous cosmetic designer MORPHE. They unleashed a brand-new product. We have taken the liberty to review it. The result was fantastic. It is one of its kind palette with five different rows of shades trying to make you look better by enhancing your looks and making sure that you stand out in the crowd.

The Personal Profile Of The Makeup Guru

The Name And Birth Details

Since we have been through the professional details therefore now it is time to share some of the personal ones. So why not start with the topmost obvious one? The complete name of the famous cosmetic designer is James Charles Dickinson. Now moving on is the date of birth of the famous celeb which is recorded to be 23rd May 1999.

A Walk Through The Start Of The Career

Let us walk you through the initiation of your professional career. So, it all started in the year 2015 when James Charles started a started a YouTube channel. At first, the shared videos only included the beauty tips but soon his content started going viral and catching the attention of the relevant people. This is when the famous brand CoverGirl noticed his talent and they decided to name him the brand ambassador. For him, this was nothing less than an honor since he was the first male brand ambassador in the history of the brand.

The Viral Ad

After that, there was no turning back, and the ad of CoverGirl’s So Lashy Mascara made him a celebrity in the cosmetic world. His popularity is so huge that when he went to Birmingham in 2019, he caused a huge traffic congestion. This speaks for itself that he is a well-praised worldwide sensation.

An Exclusive Makeup Artist 

The second thing on this list that makes him famous is nothing other than the fact that he has done the makeup of some of the most high-end celebrities of the modelling sector. Especially if we talk about:

  • Kim Kardashian,
  • Lil Nas X,
  • Kylie Jenner,
  • Doja Cat and many more

Due to such videos, the number of subscribers is skyrocketing.

The Huge Social Media Profiles

The YouTube Stats 

According to recent figures, his subscribers on YouTube stand at the mark of 24 million and if we talk about the number of views then till today, he has almost 3.6 billion views.

The Instagram Stats

Now if we switch the platforms and talk about the following on Instagram then he has 22.9 million followers there and the 1.04 million average likes make him the cosmetic artist of dreams.

The TikTok Stats

The next on the bucket is TikTok. Here he has 36.2 million followers and the number of likes has reached 987 million in total. Thus, there is no denying the fact that he is currently the most popular makeup star in the world.

The Net Worth Value

For a person who is so popular among the public, there is one question remaining from the public side. This is regarding his financial position in his life. The details suggest that according to the last filed financials, the famous star has a net worth value of $22 million. This fortune was made via his online advertisements and several brand deals also we should not miss the different endorsements.

The Blowback Of The Controversy

Since he is associated with the entertainment sector as a whole therefore he can’t leave unscratched. Just like all other celebrities he also has a controversy associated with his name. Details suggest that he was involved in some sexual controversies and it would not be appropriate for us to discuss them here but as a result of this, he became the only person to lose 1 million fans in a matter of 24 hours. This was a huge blow and he had to address it to soften its effects.

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Apart from all the controversies and public responses, we can say that James Charles palette is one of the best makeup kits in the world. If you want to glow in a gathering and want to make sure that you are the only one standing out in the crowd then this is your one-stop shop. So don’t miss the chance and get one for yourself and your loved ones.

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