July 19, 2024
New88 Cockfighting: Experience Drama, Unexpected Rewards

New88 is the perfect choice for enthusiasts of cockfighting. With its high-quality online cockfighting system, New88 offers you thrilling matches, attractive betting odds, and the chance to win big. Explore the colorful world of New88 cockfighting now!

Experience Exciting Cockfights at New88

Cockfighting is a captivating traditional betting game that attracts a large number of players in Vietnam and many other countries. As a leading online platform, New88 provides top-notch live cockfighting with clear rules, simple gameplay, and numerous attractive benefits.

Basic Cockfighting Rules

Cockfighting involves a combat between two trained roosters in a regulated arena. The basic rules include:

Duration: Each cockfight lasts a maximum of 15 minutes. If neither rooster is knocked out during this time, the match is declared a draw.

Determining Victory: A rooster wins if it:

  • Knocks out its opponent, rendering it unable to stand for 10 seconds.
  • Causes its opponent to flee the arena.
  • Injures its opponent to the extent it cannot continue fighting.

Learn the basic rules to participate in New88 cockfights

Advantages, Promotions, Competitive Odds at New88

When you play cockfighting at New88, you’ll enjoy many advantages and attractive promotions such as:

  • User-friendly Interface: New88’s website and app are designed with a simple, navigable interface for easy participation in cockfight betting.
  • Competitive Odds: New88 offers higher betting odds compared to many other platforms, enhancing your chances of winning more money.
  • Attractive Promotions: New88 frequently launches appealing promotions like welcome bonuses, loss rebate, deposit bonuses, etc., helping you increase your betting capital and chances of winning.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: New88’s customer support team is always ready to answer queries and assist you throughout your gaming experience.

Advantages of joining New88 cockfighting room

Guide to Playing Cockfighting at New88

To start your betting journey, follow these simple steps to register an account, deposit money, place bets, and withdraw funds conveniently and safely:

Register an Account at New88

Visit New88’s official website and click on the “Register” button at the top right corner of the screen. A registration form will appear, requiring you to provide basic personal information including username, password, email, phone number, etc.

Make sure you enter accurate information as it will be used to verify your account and process future transactions. After filling in all the required information, confirm that you are at least 18 years old and agree to New88’s terms and conditions.

Finally, click on the “Register” button to complete the process. Your account will be created immediately, allowing you to start depositing money and placing bets on exciting cockfights.

Deposit Methods at New88

New88 offers flexible deposit methods to meet players’ needs. You can choose to deposit money via:

  • Local Banks: Transfer via Internet Banking, ATMs, or at transaction counters.
  • Phone Cards: Top-up using cards from Viettel, Mobifone, Vinaphone.
  • E-wallets: Top-up using wallets like Momo, ZaloPay, ViettelPay.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Top-up using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT.

The minimum deposit limit is 100,000 VND and the maximum is 500,000,000 VND per transaction. Deposit processing time usually takes only a few minutes, allowing you to join cockfights immediately.

Placing Bets, Betting Odds, and Bet Types

When betting on cockfights at neww88, you have various betting options, each with its own odds. Here are some of the most popular bet types:

Overall Winner Bet: The simplest type where you bet on the rooster you believe will win the match. Odds for this type of bet are usually lower than other types.

  • Handicap Betting: Here, you bet on the weaker rooster with a specified handicap. If the weaker rooster wins, you win the bet. Odds for this type of bet are typically higher than overall winner bets.
  • Round Betting: You bet on the rooster that will win in a specific round of the match. Odds for this type of bet are usually higher than overall winner bets.
  • Draw Betting: You bet that the match will end in a draw. Odds for this type of bet are usually very high.

In addition to these bet types, there are many other types of bets you can place, such as betting on the number of rounds, the color of the rooster’s feathers, etc. Odds for these bets will vary depending on the platform.

To place a bet, simply select the match you want to bet on, choose the bet type, and enter the amount you want to bet. Then, click on the “Place Bet” button to confirm your bet.

Register an account, deposit, and place bets at New88 cockfights


Cockfighting is an exciting and interesting game that has existed for centuries. If you are looking for a fun entertainment or an opportunity to make money, New88 cockfighting is an excellent choice. Join New88 to experience high-level cockfights and have the chance to win big prizes. Register today and start your cockfighting journey!

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