April 24, 2024
Alison Brie Movies And TV Shows


Alison Brie is the American star everyone dreams about. Due to her immense following and increased number of fans the demand for the details regarding Alison Brie movies and TV shows has increased in the past couple of years. This has given the researchers an opportunity to make sure that they make a space in the hearts of these fans by bringing forward the most authentic details that will help in gaining control of that particular community.

Alison Brie’s Life Outline

There is nothing more interesting than the early life story of any prominent star. This is exactly why if we talk about the star in question then the details show us that she was born in Los Angeles California. The date of birth is said to be December 29th, 1982. Therefore, after making precise calculations, we can say that right now the mind-blowing star stands at 41 years mark of her age. She started her acting career with the movie “Stolen Poem” in 2004 since then she never stopped.

Alison Brie's Life Outline

Alison Brie Movies And TV Shows

Now you might want to hop directly into the details regarding her movies and TV shows and this is exactly why we have assembled a complete list of all of her performances in the past. We would love to know the feedback of the fans regarding each of these productions. So, let’s not waste any time and dive directly into the important details:

1.      A Stroll Through All The Movies Of Alison Brie

First of all, we will walk you through the list of films in which our stunning star has depicted her extraordinary skills. Below you will find every film name in which Alison Brie starred since 2004.

Year Title
2004 Stolen Poem
2007 Born
Dickie Smalls: From Shame to Fame
2008 Parasomnia
The Coverup
Buddy ‘n’ Andy
Salvation, Texas
2009 Us One Night
2010 The Home Front
Raspberry Magic
2011 Scream 4
2012 Save the Date
The Five-Year Engagement
Montana Amazon
2013 The Kings of Summer
2014 The Lego Movie
Search Party
Lennon or McCartney
2015 Sleeping with Other People
Get Hard
No Stranger Than Love
2016 Joshy
How to Be Single
Get a Job
A Family Man
2017 The Post
The Little Hours
The Disaster Artist
2018 Emmet’s Holiday Party
2019 Weathering with You
The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part
2020 Promising Young Woman
Horse Girl
The Rental
Happiest Season
2022 Spin Me Round
2023 Somebody I Used to Know

Well, I must say that it is surely overwhelming to see the number of films in which our favorite star has projected her acting skills. There are not many stars who can claim to be working tirelessly around the clock to keep their fans happy. Guess we are backing the right candidate then.

2.      An Outlook Of The TV Series Career Of Alison Brie

The names of the films are not the end of the story in fact it is just the starter. Because if we start looking into the names of the TV series in which she was cast then it is a whole different universe. Let me walk you through that universe step by step. Below you will find a table containing the names of all of the TV series in which Alison Brie with her stunning looks made the hearts of fans drop a beat. Also, since this list is categorized according to release years therefore it will help you choose the first one you want to watch. So, let’s dive into this:

Year Title
2006 Hannah Montana
2007 Not Another High School Show
2007–2015 Mad Men
2008 The Deadliest Lesson
2009–2015 Community
2011 Robot Chicken
2012 NTSF:SD:SUV::
  American Dad!
2013 High School USA!
  Axe Cop
2014 Comedy Bang! Bang!
2014–2020 BoJack Horseman
2016 Teachers
  Doctor Thorne
2017 Dr. Ken
2017–2019 GLOW
2019 Drunk History
2020 Make It Work!
  Marvel’s 616
2021 Rick and Morty
  Star Wars: Visions
2022 Roar
2023 Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur
2024 Apples Never Fall

Are you also dumbfounded like I am? Surely there is no way of denying that it’s her amazing skills that make her the darling of the audience. This is the only thing that has kept her profile blooming each year.

3.      The Talent Depiction In Web Series

Let me drop another bomb for you. Did you know that Alison Brie has also been a part of several web series? Yes, the story keeps on getting good and good. Yes, we have managed to gather the names of these web series and after a bit of suspense, we have decided to share them with you. Below you will find the list of the web series in which the stunning and exotic Alison Brie has shown her acting skills:

Year Title
2008–2009 My Alibi
2009 Hot Sluts
2012 Sketchy
2013 The ArScheerio Paul Show

Although this list is not as long as the others but it surely tells her that there is no limit to the skills of our stunning and gorgeous Alison Brie.

4.      The Video Game Characterization

Have you ever heard of film and TV stars casting themselves as characters in video games? Well, today is a treat for you because we have a couple of games enlisted below where you will find Alison Brie to be playing some of the major characters her depiction is what makes these games much more interesting. So, let’s take a look:

Year Title
2015 Lego Dimensions
2016 Marvel Avengers Academy

The Most Versatile Star

Although I am at the end of my words but still, I have many other names of the productions in which Alison Brie made her skills discovered and appreciated. There is also a music video titled “Colors”. It was released in 2018 where her presence lifted the viewing charts of the musical video through the roof.

The Most Versatile Star


Alison Brie movies and TV shows are a universe in itself. This is exactly why people all around the world praise her skills and beauty. With her commitment and dedication, she has carved a place for herself that will always be there in the hearts of the fans till the end of the world.

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