April 24, 2024
Hélène Mercier


Life is nothing but doing the same chores every day around the year your whole life and it might feel a bit hectic. Music is the only escape from this. Especially if it is from Hélène Mercier then you can be rest assured that your time is worth it. There are many musicians out there trying to make a name for themselves and with all the modern equipment and the software such as auto-tune every second person on the planet is a singer.  But there are still some people who know the worth of true music and musicians.

Hélène Mercier A Role Model

A walk through her childhood

Since her childhood, our famous star has been a music geek. Our latest sources tell us that since the age of 6 years, she has been attending piano classes. It was at that moment that she realized that it was her true passion and that this was the only career she wanted to pursue in her life. Well, she made the best decision ever because due to that single decision people around the world had the chance to witness some of the best music ever.

Hélène Mercier A Role Model

A true picture of commitment and determination

Studying music is a dream come true for Hélène Mercier. Well while she was only a child, she left no stone unturned to learn the music. In fact, at the age of 15, she learned the music in Vienna. That is surely the city of magic. This is not it. She moved to different countries for this sake and also attended the Julliard School in New York to enhance her skills. She is the pure picture of determination and commitment that you can find on the internet.

The hectic life of a public figure

The dual star

If you are a celebrity or if you are married to a celebrity then you do not have the luxury to stay anonymous. People try to get more and more details regarding your life. Well, if we talk about Hélène Mercier then there is one thing that we can say about her that she fits into both of the above-mentioned categories. This is exactly why people have been looking for more details regarding her personal life.

The hectic life of a public figure

The musical success and honors

Her musical life has been a huge success. If we take a look at the different awards that she has won in the past then the list is quite long. Especially if we mention some of the prominent ones then you will understand that she is a person with magical fingers when it comes to piano and musical instruments. Below we have mentioned some of the honors received by Hélène Mercier:

  • Honor at Quebec
  • Honor at Canadian Music Competitions
  • Award at Prague International Chamber Music competition.

The Married Life In The Spotlight

Releasing the name of her husband

Now you might be wondering that there are thousands of musicians out there in the world and what segregates Hélène Mercier from the rest of them. So let me tell you that it is nothing other than her marriage. Being married to a multi-billion-dollar business tycoon surely brings you into the spotlight. I can presume that there is tension rising inside you and you want to know the name of her spouse. So let me break it for you. She is married to none other than the famous Bernard Arnault.

The wedding details

It was in 1991 when she married the famous business tycoon. Since then, she has been in the spotlight. The details help us understand that Hélène Mercier was the second wife of Mr. Bernard. He divorced his first wife in 1990 and a year later married Hélène Mercier.

The offspring of the star couple

No marriage is complete without children. It is these small beings that bring color into the life of the partners and make their houses full. Similarly, it has long been the question of the general public to know about the kids of the famous musician and celebrity wife. Therefore, let us break this news for you. Mr. Bernard and Hélène Mercier have three children. You will surely want to know their names and we have mentioned them below for you:

  • Alexandre
  • Frederic
  • Jean

Getting To Know The Net Worth Of The Business Tycoon

Although I have mentioned above that she is married to a multibillion-dollar business tycoon. This will surely intrigue you to learn about the wealth of the famous businessman. Let me tell you that he has a net worth of $172 billion and some estimate it to be $203 billion. These are quite fascinating numbers. In fact, the data shows us that he stands on the throne of being the wealthiest man in the world. Well, this is something that will surely blow your mind away.

The Musical Career

Several Partnerships

Now let’s move back to her musical career. There is a complete list of violinists with whom she has collaborated in the past. The number of musicians with whom she has worked in the past is so long that it will need a whole article to only name them. Her exceptional music skills made her pair up with Louis Lortie and release a number of recordings.

The star of all

He is not the only one to be honored with her partnership in fact Vladimir Spivakov the famous violinist has also paired with her and their disc got a huge appreciation from the critics and the general public. Thus, raising her status in the city of music.

A worldwide star

Just pick a name of any famous city in the Western world and you will find that Hélène Mercier has played in that particular city at one point in her life. Her devotion to music is phenomenal and you can never find any person in the musical sector who has a set of skills more profound than her.

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Hélène Mercier is a name of quality music and commitment and dedication. Her work is what reminds you that music is the soul of life and if you want to really enjoy life and feel its essence then you should delve into her music and get lost in another world of colors and calm.

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