April 24, 2024
Zola Ivy Murphy


If you are a celebrity child then no matter what you do you cannot escape your share of fame. Similarly, if we talk about the famous Zola Ivy Murphy then she is also on the list of the general public. People have started asking questions about the star child and in order to fulfill their demands the researchers have started their quest.

Who Is Zola Ivy Murphy

Now you might be wondering that who is Zola Ivy Murphy. Now although there are a thousand reasons for her being famous such as her being a fashion model, social media influencer, entrepreneur, television personality and an entertainer. But the one that stands above all is nothing other than her being the child of the famous “Eddie Murphy”. Her father was a famous actor in the past whose works were legendary and became the reason for her fame.

Who Is Zola Ivy Murphy

The Personal Profile

The Birth Information

Let’s start with the personal life information of the famous star child. The details help us understand that she was born on 24 December 1999. Thus, as of today she is almost 24 years old. Also, if we talk about her place of birth then it will be nothing other than Los Angeles California USA.

The Nationality, Ethnicity, Religion And Zodiac Sign

There are some important personal details that you must learn. Zola Ivy Murphy is an American national. If we talk about her ethnicity then she is an African American. Last but not the least is the detail about her religion. The information suggest that she is a Christian. Also, if we look at her date of birth then her zodiac sign will be Capricorn.

The Educational Portfolio

Now it is time to discuss the educational profile of the star child. The details suggest that she attended the Beverly Hills High School. In order to receive her higher education to become a graduate she attended the University of California.

The Physical Profile

The next on the list are the physical details of the star daughter. Well, she surely has an impressive height. The information suggest that she is 5 feet and 10 inches tall. Also if we talk about her body weight then it is 55 to 60 kg or in other words 121 to 132 pounds.  The information suggest that she has black hair that have curls in it. Her eye colour is also black. Just like other teens she also had a tattoo on her body. In fact she has shared a few photos of it on social media too.

The Family Information

The Introduction Of Her Parents

Let’s talk about the family details. So if we start with the parents then we have already discussed that the name of her father is Eddie Murphy. Moving on if we talk about her mother’s name then it will be Nicole Mitchell Murphy.

An Overview Of The Career Of Her Father

Eddie Murphy is a famous actor and comedian. He became popular on “Saturday Night Live” and acted in hit movies like “Beverly Hills Cop” and “The Nutty Professor.” People like him because he can make them laugh and also show emotions in his acting.

The Names Of Her Siblings

Now it is time that we talk about her other siblings too. Below we have mentioned their names for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  1. Eric (b. 1989) with Paulette McNeely
  2. Christian (b. 1990) with Tamara Hood
  3. Bria (b. 1989) with Nicole Mitchell Murphy
  4. Myles (b. 1992) with Nicole Mitchell Murphy
  5. Shayne (b. 1994) with Nicole Mitchell Murphy
  6. Zola (b. 1999) with Nicole Mitchell Murphy
  7. Bella Zahra (b. 2002) with Nicole Mitchell Murphy
  8. Angel (b. 2007) with Melanie Brown
  9. Izzy Oona (b. 2016) with Paige Butcher
  10. Max Charles (b. 2018) with Paige Butcher

Looking For Her Relationship Details

Since she is a starchild therefore people have been looking forward to get more details about her relationship life. Unfortunately, we do not have any information in this regard till now but we are hopeful that if there is any such news then we will surely get our hands on it in the near future.

The Career Profile

Let’s talk about her career now. Thus, if we go through the details then we will come to know that even from her school days she started her modelling career. Since then, she never stopped. Infact the available details suggest that she signed contracts with some of the most famous modelling companies including the IMG models too. This helps us understand that she has a true potential.

The Net Worth Value

Ther are many people who are poking around asking the questions about Zola Ivy Murphy’s net worth value. Till now we do not have any answer because right now there are no figures available. Therefore, we are leaving this section blank. But you might be startled if we talk about the net worth value of her father which is $160 million USD.

A No Controversy Star Kid

There is one thing that we are happy about. Most of the star kids become a victim of different controversies even in their earlier life but we are happy that she was able to distance herself from such scenarios. We hope that none occurs in the future too.

The Social Media Portfolio

If we talk about her social media presence then we will learn that the number of her followers on Instagram are 21.3 K. On the other hand, if we talk about the presence on Facebook then it is almost negligible. Also her twitter followers are only 500 in number.


Zola Ivy Murphy is star child but unlike others she is a proud one. In fact, she has worked so hard that now she is known because of her own skills instead of her father. This is a huge achievement which surely made her father proud. We hope that we see more of her in the near future.

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