April 24, 2024
Jasmine Daze


Well, what can I say about Jasmine Daze at first look on her other than “Wow”. She is surely one of the true beauties in the world. Just google that name and can you resist those looks. You will surely want to get to know more about her and to see more of her. As this is the only desire of people about the famous female personalities that they want to see the whole body of the famous star.

The Reason For The Fame Of Jasmine Daze

Well with the introduction of the different social media platforms it is not difficult at all. Also, since these stars are also very sharing. They do not like to hide any spot of their body but all you have to do is subscribe and pay for their exclusive content and then there is no part of their body that is not accessible to you. This is something that disturbs me because such endeavors are not healthy for the growth of our community where you can access whole body of a woman by paying cents on it.

The Career Profile

The Initiation Of Her Career

Well, you might not listen to my lecturing and will want to surely dive into the details of the famous star in question so let me tell you that Jasmine Daze is known for being an actress and model who is associated with the adult industry. The details from the past show us that she started her career in 2021 and she is also currently active.

A Career Assessment

If we make some calculations then we will come to know that she has been active for almost three years now and still her name is known by almost everyone. Well, there is no denying in the fact that she reached her height to fame in a very short time.

The Personal Details

The Nickname Of Jasmine Daze

To know the star on a personal note you will like to know the personal details pf the famous star. Therefore, we have brought the whole information bank for you. In this article you can access every little detail of the famous star. So, first thing first you need to know the nick name or the love name of the star of your liking. It is none other than Jasmine or Jazmine.

The Nickname Of Jasmine Daze

The Birth Information

The next on the list of the information that we will share with you is the birth information. The star was born on 28th November 1991. Thus, after making careful calculations, we reached the conclusion that she is almost 33 years old till today. Moving on you will like to know about her birthplace but we lack that particular information the only thing that we know is the fact that she was born in united states.

The Zodiac Sign, Nationality, Religion And Ethnicity

Do you want to know the zodiac sign of the famous star. I am sure that you want to know it. I was just creating some suspense. It is nothing but Sagittarius. Also, if we talk about her nationality then we will come to know that she is an American nationality holder. Till now we do not have any information about her religious beliefs and ethnicity.

The Incomplete Family Information

The next on the list is the family information. You will appreciate the fact that since she is associated with the adult industry therefore, she will try to make sure that the details of her family are not public. This is why even after a lot of research we were not able to get the details about her parents or siblings. In fact, we can’t even get our hands on their name.

The Physical Profile

The Height And Body Weight

There is only one section of her profile that is complete since it is the only reason of her fame. Surely, we are talking about her physical profile. Let me start with the most important details the height and the weight. So, the information tells us that Jasmine Daze is 175 cm tall or in other words 5 feet 9 inches. That is a very impressive height. Also, if we talk about her body weight then she weighs 60 kg or in other words 132 pounds.

Eye Colour, Hair Colour And Physical Measurements

Now you might be wondering about her eye colour. The details tell us that they are blue is colour just like an ocean they are so deep that you will feel yourself falling into those pits. From the photos it is clear that she is a blonde. Now you might wonder about her tattoos? She has none. What we can tell you are her physical vitals that are mentioned as 34,26,34 inches.

The Absence Of Her Educational Career Details

Although the next section on our list is about her educational background but the details tell us that just like all of her personal details this information is also hidden from the public. Right now, we do not have any idea about her educational qualifications or the institutions that she attended. Well, her fans don’t want to know these details because what they are really interested in are her physical details only and her exclusive content.

Why So Secretive?

As she is associated with the most controversial industry till today therefore, I think it is fair enough that she keeps the details about her relationship life to herself also we suspect that she does not have any one in her life because of her controversial life but even if there is someone then the public is unaware of it.

The Net Worth Value

From this adult career the star has surely made some money. According to her last filed financial details she has a net worth value of $150K. We still wait for an update on her salary and income.


Many people term working in the adult industry as being body positive. Jasmine Daze is also an adult industry star but we totally disregard this fact because in my analysis this is the most shameful thing that a man or woman can do. We hope that she returns to a normal life out of this dirty and pathetic world.

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