April 24, 2024
Scott Ly


We have established the fact that fame is either earned or it comes by association with a famous person. Scott Ly is one of the most searched people on the internet in the past couple of months. You might be wondering why this is so. In order to explore this particular query, we stumbled on his personal profile and as a result we were shocked enough to share it with you. In this article you will find everything in order about Scott Ly.

Why Scott Ly Is So Much Famous

Now you might be waiting to know that why Scott Ly is so much famous. So let us tell you that the reason for his fame is nothing other than his acting and the production career. Also, he is a very proficient writer therefore we can say that he is a man with some exceptional skills and that no one in the industry has the ability to surpass him in the near future.

Why Scott Ly Is So Much Famous

Getting To Know Scott Ly

The Complete Name

Do you want to get to know him in a better manner then stay tuned to this article because here you will find almost every little detail about our star in question. Why don’t we start with the complete name of the famous star. So the person we know as Scott Ly is actually Scott Quoc Ly.

The Birth Profile

Let’s take a look at his birth details. The information suggest that he was born on 2nd April 1978. Thus, if we make calculations then we will find him to be almost 45 years old as of today. Moving on if we talk about the birth place then it is recorded as Houston Texas.

The Nationality, Ethnicity, Language And Immigration Status

There are some important personal details that you should be aware of. The information suggest that the nationality of the famous star is American. If we talk about his ethnicity then you will find him to be a Vietnamese-American. In fact, if you talk about the language that he speaks then it will be Vietnamese. You will be startled to know that his parents were immigrants from Vietnam.

The Nationality, Ethnicity, Language And Immigration Status

The Physical Profile

In order to conclude his personal profile, it’s important that we mention the little physical details that we have about him. The information suggest that he is 5 feet and 11 inches tall. Also if we talk bout the body weight then it will be 72 Kg. Other than that, we have no information and for male celebrities that is enough.

The Acting Career Of The Famous Star

Since Scott Ly is a famous personality therefore, we must take a look at his career profile too. The information suggests that he has been acting for almost more than a decade. In fact he had played some significant roles in different tv series. Also, if we talk about the names of some of productions in which he has exhibited his acting skills then their names are mentioned below of the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • Criminal Minds
  • Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders
  • Animal Kingdom
  • 24

“A Tourist Guide To Love”

Recently he appeared in one of the famous feature film by Netflix A tourist Guide to Love. The film had Scott Ly as a male lead and Rachael Leigh Cook as female lead. The story is exceptional and both of them played an excellent role in it. We will suggest that you should take out some time to review this film.

The Writing Career

Since we have discussed the acting career of the famous star therefore it is time that we also discuss his career as a writer. He is an exceptional writer. In his portfolio you will find several short films. The names of a couple of the most famous ones are mentioned below for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • A picture of Us
  • The love song of Iskra Profrock
  • Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

The Production Career

Moving to the production career we will find that the famous star has produced a tv series in the past titled “Wandering with purpose”. In fact, his own written short film the love song of Iskra Profrock was also produced by him. Scott Ly is the cofounder of a famous production company named Lumen Entertainment with Kenneth Nguyen.

The Fitness Freak

Did you know that Scott Ly is also a fitness freak. Yes, now you know it. He has an Instagram page where he shares the details of all of his works that will be released in the near future along with the fitness accomplishments. In fact, for many people, he has provided the services as the fitness trainer too to motivate them to increase their fitness.

The Start Of His Stardom

Although he has appeared in several productions but the role that made him famous is none other than his character of the special agent in the famous series Criminal Minds. The details suggest that he was a part of almost 40 different episodes.

The Net Worth Value

If we talk about the financial profile of the famous actor, writer and producer then we will come to know that according to his last filed financials he has a net worth value of almost $2million. The source was acting and production only.

The King Of Discretion

There has been many speculations about his love life. Even after a thorough investigation in his profile we were unable to get a name about his life partner. This explains that how discreet he is about his love life. Neither do we know the name of his life partner nor do we have the description of their relation. But what we do have are high hopes to get to know it soon.


Scott Ly is the man and legend who has a huge profile of acting, writing and production. His skillset is unmatchable and a good look at his profile suggests that he will rule the industry for several years

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